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What's the future; What's the foundation

By Marc Paollello, P. Eng., Deep Foundation Contractors Inc.

Is Toronto in the midst of a cultural renaissance? As Canada’s largest urban centre at just over 6 million people, the population has grown since 1834, overtaking Chicago to become North America’s fourth most populous city.  Toronto’s longstanding institutions are undergoing massive overhauls to meet the demands of a quickly changing metropolitan area.

Built in 1894, Toronto’s Massey Hall has been the location for famous performances by artists like Bob Dylan, Lenny Kravitz, Billy Joel and Dizzy Guilespie. The venerable venue is undergoing its first major upgrade in more than a century; a seven-year, $135-million renovation at 178 Victoria Street will revitalize and improve patron amenities and offer much-needed additional backstage, administration and production space. The new six-story addition will also better the back-of-house space for performers, crew and support staff. The project is even more forward-thinking: new space will be dedicated to educating and developing future talent and artists. These upgrades will enable Massey Hall to carry its legacy into the future and keep the space captivating and distinct for years to come.

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Bridges normally aren't constructed this way, but thanks to cutting edge technology developed in part by a Canadian company, that's exactly what's happening in Cartagena,, Colombia

By Mark Halsall

Building a bridge from the top down isn’t the usual way to do it. But when bridge builders faced the daunting prospect of having to span five kilometres of swampland during a highway upgrade project in Cartagena, Colombia, it was determined that top-down construction made the most sense.

An integral part of this project is a groundbreaking beam launching girder system that enables bridges to be built in wetlands and shallow water areas that prevent the use of conventional floating equipment and cranes.

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Viva Las Vegas!

Hello, readers!

I’m happy to bring you your Quarter 1 issue of Piling Canada for 2017. I’m even happier that I know I’ll be running into many of you at this year’s CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2017 show in Las Vegas! I’ll be running around the show trying to see as much as I can, so tweet to me (@PilingCanada) and I’ll come visit you when I get your message. I’ll be taking photos to show off in Quarter 2 of the magazine, and I would love to see your booth or company representatives so I can include you in our photo spread. I can’t tell you enough how much I’m looking forward to attending the show!

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