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Andy Sneddon, Graham Piling Services

Describe your current job.
I’m the construction manager for Graham Piling Services – I do marketing, estimating, installing and payments – basically, everything.

What are your areas of responsibility?
Everything piling!

How did you get to where you are now?
I left university with a degree in house building (UK style). After a few years, I decided to change and get into piling. I started out as a junior engineer with Cementation Piling in the UK. After a few different career moves over a 25-year period, I now find myself in Canada with Graham Construction.

What do you love about your job?
All of it! And it’s in Canada.

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Westco Drilling & Piles Ltd. continues its success in deep foundations

By Kelly Gray

Westco Drilling & Piles Ltd. has been very successful in the drilling and piling industry. The company is committed to delivering quality service with trained, professional personnel that have the skill set to complete any project with their extensive fleet of drilling and piling equipment.

Founded in 2004 and based out of Fort Macleod in southern Alberta, Westco Drilling & Piles Ltd. was started by three principals: Trevor Anderson, Derek O’Connor and Theo Van Ee, who wanted to branch out from Westco Construction, a company that builds pre-fabricated steel buildings, and into offering cast-in-place (CIP) services.

According to Anderson, with the Fort Macleod firm, Westco Drilling & Piles Ltd. started their new venture with a Texoma 270 pressure digger and has since upgraded and accumulated a fleet of various drill rigs, consisting of Highway FD series drill rigs as well as a Watson drill rig. Both truck and track mounts range in depths of 30 to 80 feet and diameters of 16 to 84 inches.

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Trottier Piling enjoys staying small and dependable

By Jim Chliboyko

For Manitoba’s Joey Trottier, construction hasn’t just been his own lifelong trade; it’s more like a family birthright. Trottier, president of Trottier Piling, is a fourth-generation, Winnipeg-based pile driver. He, his father, his grandfather and his great-grandfather were all in the business. In fact, his grandfather was even an inventor of a collapsible rig, back in the 1960s.

“My grandpa invented a pile driver,” said Trottier. “I have all the patent papers from the U.S. of the rig. I have one of the rigs here, and that’s what my father started with ... We don’t use it; it’s going to become a decoration.”

Sure enough, Trottier eventually sent Piling Canada a scan of blueprints, marked “D. E. Trottier” at the top, entitled Mobile Collapsible Pile Driver, filed on Nov. 23, 1960. There’s also a retro, faded Polaroid affixed to the papers; a photo of the black and tomato-red rig in question sits in a bushy, summery (and probably Floridian) compound, with a pickup truck parked off to the side.

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