Courtesy of KellerStepping Into the Global Arena

By Margaret Anne Fehr

For the piling division of the North American Construction Group (NACG), 2013 proved to be a year of re-invention as the 30-year-old Canadian company became Keller Canada, a division of Keller Group Plc. (KGP), the world’s largest ground engineering company, headquartered in L`ondon, England.

“In July 2013, the deal was officially sealed as we were acquired by KGP,” said Bernie Robert, president of Keller Canada. “As a leader in piling, our team has more than 30 years of experience in a variety of climates and soil conditions across Canada, and we have a full range of piling technologies. Now we are connected internationally, and will continue to be at the forefront of the industry.”

Robert foresees a bright future for the newly branded company in the Canadian marketplace and gives insight on how the deal that married NACG-Piling and KGP came together.

“KGP identified Canada about two years ago as a prosperous economy and one that fit their strategic plan in terms of a country that they didn’t do a lot of business in, but one where they saw fairly good opportunities,” he said. “That’s what got them looking and, fortunately, it coincided with NACG marketing their piling division as a carve-out of their company. As it turned out, we met with the KGP folks a year ago in November 2012 and started discussions then.”

Regarding corporate structure, KGP operates in worldwide groups on every continent. The KGP-North American group consists of Canada and the United States, which encompasses a number of companies including Hayward-Baker, McKinney Drilling, Case Foundations in Chicago, Suncoast Post Tension, HJ Foundation in Miami, Anderson Drilling and Geo Foundations, while Keller Canada’s mandate is to operate exclusively within Canada.

Keller Canada operates out of seven regional offices, including Acheson, Alta. (Edmonton region), Calgary, Alta., Fort McMurray, Alta., New Westminster (B.C. region), Regina, Sask., Martensville (Saskatoon region) and Milton (Toronto region).


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