Giken America Corporation wants to standardize pile driving with its press-in piling methodology

By Ian Vaz, Giken America Corporation

The Giken America Corporation is a subsidiary of its parent company, Giken Ltd., with its headquarters located in Kochi, Japan. Giken was founded in 1978 from technology developed three years prior by the current president, Mr. Akio Kitamura, who collaborated with a local inventor known as the

“Thomas Edison” of the area. 

Giken’s press-in piling technology may have never been invented without the shutting down of a project in Kochi due to noise complaints led by a local sushi chef, which subsequently influenced Kitamura to develop this “outside the box” concept. With the contribution of over 300 employees globally, Giken’s minimal noise and vibration-free pile driving technology has developed into other various technologies over the company’s nearly 40-year history. The press-in piling market has also expanded recently throughout Asia, Europe and especially in North America and South America.

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