On Jan. 1st, 2017, Northstar and Sharp’s Construction joined forces. The companies still belong to and share the unparalleled resources of the Valard Group of Companies – www.thevalardgroup.com.

By CSA Group

Drill rigs are frequently used in construction projects, and the safe and effective operation of these rigs is a critical component in ensuring the safety of workers on the job site. Despite being used hundreds of times per year across Canada, there currently isn’t a unified set of safety practices that can be applied nationally for drill rigs.

Employers must avoid discrimination during their hiring process

By Dayna M. Seinfeld, Fillmore Riley LLP

It is often said that human rights law sets out a “minimum floor” of rights and obligations that becomes part of every employment relationship. This minimum floor does not depend on the existence of an employment agreement. Rather, these rights and obligations are engaged at the hiring stage, from the time an employment advertisement is posted or a pre-hiring process is started. Every employer needs to be aware of what their human rights obligations are each time they embark on the process of hiring a new employee.

PDF-Mark III and ECA work together for a big payoff

By Brian M. Fraley, Fraley Construction Marketing

An RTG RM 20 pile driving rig hammers battered piles in the shadows of a Pennsylvania Turnpike bridge abutment on a narrow strip of land between an embankment and a roadway in October 2016. Upon driving an H-pile to refusal, the operator deftly executes a 180-degree turn within a con ned space and crawls a short distance to retrieve the next H-pile. A worker from PKF-Mark III hooks it up, the rig lures and secures it and then travels back to the work site. The mechanical process repeats itself over and over, indicating that serious productivity is afoot.

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