What employers need to know to prevent their workplaces from going to pot

By Jenna R. Seavers, Fillmore Riley LLP

With the imminent legalization of marijuana, some employers in the construction industry worry their workplace cultures – and safety in particular – will go to pot, so to speak. Before the legalization takes effect, it is important employers get all the facts about the law and learn how they can create policies that will help maintain a safe workplace.

Shedding light on the hidden parts of concrete piles

By Farid Moradi and Hamed Layssi, FPrimeC Solutions Inc.

The inspection and evaluation of concrete piles and deep foundations are often challenging, mainly because these elements are not easily accessible for visual inspection. The process of quality control and quality assurance for this group of elements is very much through indirect measurement of other parameters, such as resistance of a pile to driving or drilling.

As the only Saskatchewan company capable of extensive high capacity structural remediation, Innovative Piling Solutions used its expertise to salvage a condo building that was sinking fast

By Lisa Gordon

Fortunately, complete engineering failures are rare in the construction world.

But when they do happen, the best remediation plans often call for an innovative approach that identifies how to fix structural problems as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.

Innovative Piling Solutions tackled a project that was tight on both time and space, devising a customized piling solution that met construction deadlines despite the intervention of Old Man Winter

By Lisa Gordon

Time. It’s the one ingredient that was extremely scarce during the foundation construction phase for the University of Saskatchewan’s cutting edge Collaborative Science Research Building (CSRB).

In fact, the timeline for constructing the foundation of the $63 million, 91,000-square-foot research facility in the fall of 2016 was so tight that construction meetings were held every 12 hours to ensure the work stayed on track.

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